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Renault Captur – the feature packed sedan

The car that we will be discussing about in this article is the perfect combination of style and performance. Renault has a good reputation in the automobile market for producing consumer-friendly, yet trendy cars. To prove this, the examples are the powerful SUV Renault Duster and the Renault Kwid, which belong to different classes of cars, but are very successful in their respective segments. The company is back again with the newest car. The new car is named the Renault Captur by the company. The idea was, that it captures the attention of the people wherever it goes. Hence, the name. Enough with the meaning of the name. Let us dive into the specifications of the car without wasting any more time.


 The engine of the new Renault Captur is a 1.5-litre 104.55bhp 16V K9K dCi Diesel Engine. It now must be clear that, the maximum power generated by the engine is 104.55 BHP @ 5600 rpm. The engine displacement of the car is approximately 1469 cc. The maximum torque applied by the engine on the wheels is 142 Nm at the rate of 4000 rpm. From all the above specifications, it must be very clear that the engine is a strong contender in the segment.


The engine is one the high-performance engines produced by Renault for their cars. The

The car takes 7.77 seconds to reach the speed of 60 kmph from rest and takes about 13.24 seconds for attaining a speed of 100 kmph. The fuel economy of the car is satisfactory at about 14 kmpl. The car is only available in the petrol version.  The fuel tank is larger than many cars of the same type. The capacity of this tank is about 60 litres.  Moreover, there is power steering available in the car. The front brake type is the disc brake and the rear brake type is the drum brake. It comes equipped with a manual transmission system to offer complete control over the car.

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The lighting in the car is a very soothing blue color. This makes the driving of the car very special. The dashboard is suitably smooth. There are airbags for safety of not only the driver, but also the passenger. There are also side airbags.


One if the most important feature of a car before it is brought is the cost. Yes, the car cost affects the sales of the car. Not only cars, it affects almost any product in the market. Why wouldn’t it? People always prefer a cheaper version if it satisfies their needs. The starting price of the all- new Renault Captur is Rs. 9.50 lakhs for the base model.

These specifications have made the car very popular with the auto enthusiasts in the market and its is expected to register impressive sales figures in the coming years.

Renault Captur Mileage

The Renault Captur mileage is 13.87 to 20.37 kmpl. The Manual Diesel variant has a mileage of 20.37 kmpl. The Manual Petrol variant has a mileage of 13.87 kmpl.

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