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Going DIY for Professional Headshot? Follow These Steps

Professional headshots are expensive and arranging and coordinating your schedules with professional headshot photographers is a daunting task in itself. If you are planning to setup your LinkedIn profile, you need a new headshot on a short notice, don’t fret. You can go all DIT with a professional looking headshot with the help of your smartphone in a matter of time. Follow these steps:

  1. Seeking the right look

Before setting up your camera, you just need to have a suitable outfit to enhance your headshot. They only tend to showcase you from the chest up, so select a blouse or shirt and a suit jacket that will suit your frame. Go for solid and neutral colors and stick to the clothing that is appropriate for work. If you want to make your headshot stand out, put on a statement piece such as a bold tie or a statement neckless to strut your unique personality. At last, ensure that your hair is neat and if you are wearing any makeup, keep it simple and light, just for the sake to bring out the features of your face.

  1. Use soft and natural lighting

Once you have decided on the outfit, get to click yourself in optimal lighting. Natural and soft lighting is perfect for capturing any portrait. If you want a soft lighting, get your portrait clicked early in the morning, an hour before sunset or anytime when it’s a cloudy day. Soft light tends to be diffused, so it doesn’t make up any hash shadows or reflections on your face. Ensure that there is nothing cluttered in your room as well as in the background. If you cannot find a plain wall, just hang a neutral colored sheet behind you. Choose beige, white or gray which are timeless colors that appeal to the subject in the portrait.

  1. Set up a camera mount or grab a friend to do it for you

The simplest way to get a headshot is by asking a friend or a family member to take a photo for you. If you cannot find anyone available, go DIY. You just need a car mount for your phone and headphones. Attach the mount to your window and make the rear camera facing you. Never use a front camera for professional headshots. This is because the quality of the front camera is really lower than its rear counterpart. Once your camera has been set up in the perfect place, then plug your headphones into your phone. They tend to become a remote control for your camera. When pressing the + button on your volume control, your picture will be captured by the phone.

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